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Musicthon Chair - Loni White

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2023 Musicthon Charity



Founded in 2010, the Grace Notes Music Foundation began as an outreach program of the Jupiter Academy of Music whose purpose was the administration of the Makayla Joy Sitton Music Scholarships. Named after a joyful, talented music student who loved to play the piano, the scholarships were a way of honoring the life of Makayla. Her family wanted to continue her legacy and love of music by making music lessons possible for children in need. In September of 2011, the Makayla Joy Sitton Music Scholarships were born and the Grace Notes Music Foundation received its 501(c)(3) designation.

The Grace Notes Music Foundation has a bright future and a vision for growth in the years to come with adding more scholarships and reaching more children in the community. Building on the cornerstone of our organization, the Makayla Joy Sitton Music Scholarships, the Foundation continues to fund music scholarships and community outreach programs to children in need.

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Music-thon Guidelines

Music-thon is an event for every student in every teacher’s studio.


  1. Music-Thon is an all-day recital at a local mall.

  2. Each student must raise a set amount to participate. Guest performers who meet the sponsorship requirement are welcome to participate.

  3. Money raised will benefit a local charity, decided upon annually by the PBCMTA Board. Each charity may be the recipient one or two years.

  4. A variety of instrumentation is highly encouraged.

  5. Each teacher must schedule a time for his or her studio with the event chairperson.

  6. Each teacher must be present when their students are performing.

  7. All pieces are to be memorized, except for duets or ensembles.

  8. Teachers may perform with their students.

  9. Announcers for each studio will be provided.

  10. Performers must dress in recital attire – girls in party dresses or pantsuits, boys in dress shirts, ties, dress slacks and shoes.

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