Musicthon Sponsors:

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Musicthon Chair - Jan Fulford

2021 Musicthon Charity



Tsenov Chamber Ensemble

Mission Statement

TCE seeks to foster a deeper understanding of classical music through innovative concert programing that both entertains and challenges the audience. By introducing new concert formats and closely collaborating with educational and artistic institutions, our goal is to erase the line between old and new, standard and avant-garde, conservative and unorthodox.  


Educational Program

The TCE educational program, successfully demonstrates the richness and accessibility of classical music to younger audiences. Their hope is to make this music relevant to the lay audience through innovative presentations. Ultimately, the hope is to elevate their audience by challenging them with quality and complexity rather than simplification.



Music-thon is an event for every student in every teacher’s studio.


  1. Music-Thon is an all-day recital at a local mall.

  2. Each student must raise a set amount to participate. Guest performers who meet the sponsorship requirement are welcome to participate.

  3. Money raised will benefit a local charity, decided upon annually by the PBCMTA Board. Each charity may be the recipient one or two years.

  4. A variety of instrumentation is highly encouraged.

  5. Each teacher must schedule a time for his or her studio with the event chairperson.

  6. Each teacher must be present when their students are performing.

  7. All pieces are to be memorized, except for duets or ensembles.

  8. Teachers may perform with their students.

  9. Announcers for each studio will be provided.

  10. Performers must dress in recital attire – girls in party dresses or pantsuits, boys in dress shirts, ties, dress slacks and shoes.