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District 6 Concerto Competition

District 6 Concerto Competition is held each spring for students of piano, voice, and other instruments.  Winners receive monetary awards.  Senior, Intermediate, and Junior winners are also eligible to compete at the state level.

District 6 Concerto Competition Chair - Huifang Chen

Concerto Competition 2021

Our District 6 Concerto Competition will be held virtually this spring.  Registration forms and rules for this event are online at  Deadline for registering is February 28, 2021.

Each participant will upload their video onto YouTube.  Detailed uploading information will be provided to the applicants. The video submission deadline is March 14, 2021.

The entry fee has been raised to $50 and checks must be made payable to:  FSMTA District 6.  It is easiest if each teacher sends one check for the total amount ($50 X number of entries) to our District Treasurer, Hristo Popov (address available in the membership directory).

Please do not send any payments to FSMTA, either online or in the mail.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the students and teachers who participated in the Virtual District 6 FSMTA Concerto Competition:




1st – Christina Koyama (Irena Kofman) 



1st - Raymond Chiang (Roxanne Stevenson) 

2nd – Benjamin Chen (Maria Gomez)



1st – Joseph Wang (Maria Gomez)

2nd- Aiden Zee (Maria Gomez) 

HM- Elizabeth Xiao (Roxanne Stevenson)



1st – Angelina Ning (Tian Ying)

2nd – Jeffrey Wang (Ruo Huang Balko)

HM – Elizabeth Thomashoff (Joseph Kingma)

HM – Shana Xia  (Maria Gomez)





1st – Eli Wu (Huifang Chen) 

2nd – Naylin Gultepe (Hristo Popov)



1st – Ivan Kalashnykov (Leana Strouse)

2nd – Maxine Yang (Huifang Chen)

HM- Kayla Wang (Huifang Chen)



1st – David Xiao (Huifang Chen)

2nd – Mia Hakkarainen (Huifang Chen)

HM – Allen Ting (Huifang Chen)

HM- Wallis McGuire (Leana Strouse)



1st – Isabela Diaz (Huifang Chen)

2nd – Elena Lim (Huifang Chen)

HM – Annabella Paolucci (Huifang Chen)

HM –Biana Pinchuk (Huifang Chen) 




Ist- Kara Ravaschieri (Marie Jureit-Beamish)

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