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District 6 Concerto Competition

District 6 Concerto Competition is held each spring for students of piano, voice, and other instruments.  Winners receive monetary awards.  Senior, Intermediate, and Junior winners are also eligible to compete at the state level.

District 6 Concerto Competition Chair -
Loni White

Concerto Competition 2024

Our District 6 Concerto Competition will be held virtually this spring.  Registration forms and rules for this event are online at  Deadline for registering is February 10, 2021.

Each participant will upload their video onto YouTube.  Detailed uploading information will be provided to the applicants. The video submission deadline is March 14, 2021.

The entry fee has been raised to $50 and checks must be made payable to:  FSMTA District 6.  It is easiest if each teacher sends one check for the total amount ($50 X number of entries) to our District Treasurer, Hristo Popov (address available in the membership directory).

Please do not send any payments to FSMTA, either online or in the mail.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the students and teachers who participated in the 2024 District 6 FSMTA Concerto Competition:


Elementary Piano

1st place - Aaron Huang

2nd place - Marc Usatenko

3rd place tie - Joanna Wu and Theresa Murphy


Junior Piano

1st place - Miya Chen

2nd place - Amanda Nunez

3rd place - Peter Younes


Intermediate Piano

1st place - Kai Subhawonog

2nd place - Halle Swinamer

3rd place - Joanne Choi

Honorable mention - Hanfei He


Senior Piano

1st place - Josetta Wang

2nd place - Paul Wubbena

3rd place - Daniel Li


Elementary Strings

1st place - Angela Dietz

2nd place - Sophie Habashi

3rd place - Scott Ankrom


Junior Strings

1st place - Hugo Veronesi

2nd place - Sumire Shinano

3rd place - Olivia Raicovich

Honorable Mention - Victor Fu


Intermediate Strings

1st place - Amanda Nunez

2nd place - Chance Song

3rd place - Ziqi Qin

Honorable Mention - Alexandra Ilchenko and Eli Wu


Senior Strings

1st place - David Xiao

2nd place - Brendan White

3rd place tie - Mia Hakkarainen and Michael Li

Honorable Mention - Anric Ngan

Honorable Mention - Clara Thomas

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