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Scholarship Competition Co-Chairs - Dr. Hristo Popov and Krisztina Zsolczai

Scholarship Competition

The Palm Beach County Music Teachers Association, wishing to motivate excellence in performance, holds an annual Scholarship Competition. The competition is designed to encourage integrity, beauty and confidence in performance.


To be eligible to compete, the student must be studying with their private teacher, a PBCMTA member, for a minimum of six (6) months. Scholarship applications must be postmarked three (3) weeks prior to the event date or submitted online by the deadline.




All winners are expected to perform in the annual Honors Recital, where awards will be presented. Accompanist fees, if required, for both the competition and Honors Recital will be the responsibility of the student or their teacher. 


PBCMTA scholarship fund is available each year to Piano, Voice, Classical Guitar, Wind, and String students in Elementary, Intermediate and Senior categories. Any PBCMTA member may enter up to three (3) students in the Scholarship Competition per year.


The application fee is $25 per student for all categories.

2023 Scholarship Competition Winners


Elementary Division:


1st place - Aleksandra Deshevaia

2nd place - Lisa Frankel

3rd place - Maggie Sun


Intermediate Division:


1st place - Josefina Ezcurra

2nd place - Kylie Watkins

3rd place - Derrick Wu


Senior Division:


1st place - Kara Ravaschieri

2nd place - Anric Ngan

3rd place - David Rhea

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