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Music Notes

Pat Simpson Memorial Scholarship



To be eligible for the Pat Simpson Memorial scholarship, the following criteria must be met:


  • Student must be a resident of Palm Beach County and study with a music teacher that is an active member of the Palm Beach County Music Teachers Association

  • This is a need-based scholarship and students with financial need may apply (proof of financial aid in the form of the previous year tax return will be requested if the applicant is selected as the scholarship recipient)

  • The applicant must be between the ages of 13 – 18 as of August 2023

  • Only complete applications received by the deadline will be considered for the scholarship award


Recording Requirement


All students applying for this scholarship are required to submit a video recording. The recording should be submitted electronically with a link to the private Youtube video. Applicants are required to include in their video:

  1. A solo piece, with no accompanist, that demonstrates their highest level of ability

  2. A two octave major scale, hands together if applicable, and corresponding arpeggio


Student recordings will be judged on note accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, tone quality, expressiveness and musicality.


Scholarship Criteria


Once a student has been selected as the recipient of the Pat Simpson Memorial Scholarship, the private instructor will receive payment for the tuition directly from the PBCMTA. In order to maintain the scholarship the recipient must:

  • Attend weekly lessons

  • Practice regularly

  • Come prepared to the lessons, having all assignments given by the teacher completed to the best of the student’s ability

  • Participate in PBCMTA events*, as recommended by their private teacher

  • Maintain residency in Palm Beach County

*all entry fees for PBCMTA events will be waived for the scholarship recipient

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