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Palm Beach County Music Teachers Association (PBCMTA) is an affiliate of Florida State Music Teachers Association (FSMTA) and of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). When you join MTNA, you join at three levels: national, state, and local. Membership application is available online at FSMTA website.

We strive to promote high quality music education in our community by offering numerous performance & educational opportunities for both members and their students. Our regular events include general meetings, workshops, performance & composition competitions, non-competitive performances, and music theory & performance assessments. 

This website provides information regarding our organization, local teachers, past and upcoming performance events, annual competition results, membership application & benefits, pedagogical resources, and more. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

2018-2019 School Year PCBMTA Events

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February Judged Musicale honorees (Intermediate-Advanced): Timothy Yu, Nicholas Walton, Emily Mandell!

Student Day: Melody Sze, student of Sandra Baran, completed Student Day Level 12

District 6 Concerto Competition:

Strings & Vocal

1st – Allen Ting (Huifang Chen)
2nd – Valerie Younes (Leana Strouse)
1st – David Xiao (Huigang Chen)
2nd – Wallis McGuire (Leana Strouse)
HM – Rachael Liu (Hristo Popov)
1st – Carol Jiang (Huifang Chen)
2nd – Eileen Chong (Huifang Chen)
HM – Victoria Bramble (Tina Raimondi)
1st – Sahana Shravan (Huifang Chen)
2nd – Valentina Paolucci (Huifang Chen)
HM – Francesca Puro (Tina Raimondi)
Intermediate Vocal
1st – Emily Mandell (Suzanne Galer-Wert)


1st – Ding Siyang (Roxanne Stevenson)
2nd – Jade Capella (Irena Kofman)
HM – Zoe Aldana (Elena Fomicheva), Derrick Wu (Irena Kofman), Elizabeth Xiao (Roxanne Stevenson)
1st – Joseph Wang (Maria Gomez)
2nd – Daniel Li (Roxanne Stevenson)
HM – Timothy Yu (Barbara Salani), Ryan Kim (Elena Fomicheva)
1st – Madison Yan (Irena Kofman)
2nd – Sallie Zhou (Irena Kofman)
HM – Tu-Anh Nguyen (Irena Kofman), Jonathan Wang (Roxanne Stevenson), Gabriel Sun (Olga Konovalova)
1st – Joy Quan (Irena Kofman)
2nd – Devon Delgado (Robin Arrigo)
HM – Zoe Lee (Maria Gomez), Sam Chen (Irena Kofman)

Scholarship Competition 2018

Elementary –  1st Place                          Timothy Yu                            Barbara  Salani

                          2nd Place                         Matthew Cai                         Leonid Treer

                          3rd Place                         Addison McGee                    Dr. Marie Jureit-Beamish 

                          Honorable Mention     Keelan Tse                              Kay Lang

 Intermediate – 1st Place                        Sallie Zhou                              Dr. Irena Kofman

                            2nd Place                       Gabriel Sun                             Olga Konovalova

                            3rd Place                        Alexis Nguyen                        Leonid Treer

Senior –              1st Place                        Giancarlo Ilerena                    Dr. Irena Kofman  

                            2nd Place                       Charlotte Strohl (flute)          Dr. Marie Jureit-Beamish

                            3rd Place                        Emily Mandell (voice)           Dr. Suzanne Galer-Wert

                            Honorable Mention    John Nguyen                           Sheng-Yuan Kuan

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